SoliTek - SOLID Biface 370 Wp - Bifacial without Frame
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SoliTek - SOLID Biface 370 Wp - Bifacial without Frame

199 Wc/m² | 1770 x 1049 x 7.1 mm | 19.92% efficiency | 60 cells | MC4-Evo2

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Bifacial is an advanced bifacial solar panel that converts sunlight into electrical energy on both sides (top and bottom). This is possible thanks to the bifacial photovoltaic cells and the tempered glass that protects the top and bottom. This panel is very different from a conventional opaque-backed solar panel.

SoliTek offers a 30-year warranty on all glass-to-glass solar panels, 87% performance guaranteed after 30 years.

Glass-glass photovoltaic modules are designed with long life, reliability and long-term savings in mind. Glass-glass solar panels are safe, fire class A, strong, aesthetic and durable. Each component plays an important role in the lifespan and performance of SoliTek photovoltaic modules.

All SoliTek glass-to-glass photovoltaic modules are Cradle to Cradle certified.

Under ideal conditions, bifacial solar panels can generate up to 35% more electricity compared to glass film solar panels.

GG B.60 / 370W
470 Items
Panel peak power
370 Wp
Panel voltage
24 V
Backsheet color
Panel thickness
7,1 mm (sans cadre)
Panel size
Medium (1700-1900mm)
Connector type
Cells number



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