SoliTek - SOLID Agro 245 Wp - Bifacial 40% Transmission
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SoliTek - SOLID Agro 245 Wp - Bifacial 40% Transmission

132 Wc/m² | 1770 x 1049 x 5.1 mm | 13.19% efficiency | 40 cells | MC4-Evo2

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The SoliTek SOLID Agro 245W B.40 is the AGRO version of the BLACKSTAR - solar panel with anti-reflective coating.

The AGRO solar panel has a light transmission of 40%, which means that up to 40% of the surface is transparent and allows more natural light to pass through than previous modules, and is even suitable for greenhouses with less sunlight.

  • The glass-to-glass module provides crop protection against extreme weather conditions such as hail, heat waves, frost and erosion.
  • SOLID Agro has a higher light transmission (40%) for crops under the module.
  • The glass-glass bifacial module is more resistant to damage from ammonia (Agri) and salt spray (coastal regions).
  • Carbon Capture Capacity – higher CO2 storage capacity of soils due to partial module shading, humidity and lush plant growth.
  • Resource saving – greater surface efficiency, reduced plastic waste through less use of aluminum foil.
  • Green module – Cradle to Cradle certified, low carbon footprint (certisolis certified), 99% recyclable.
  • 30-year product warranty, 87%. performance guarantee after 30 years.
GG B.40 / 245W
100 Items
Panel peak power
245 Wp
Panel voltage
24 V
Backsheet color
Panel thickness
5,1 mm (sans cadre)
Panel size
Medium (1700-1900mm)
Connector type
Cells number
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